And Denizcilik was established in order to provide services in the Black Sea and Mediterranean Open Vessel Transport, which is our main field of activity. Later on, in line with the demands of our customers, we started to offer open vessel transport services to different ports including America and Far East.

Project Transport

In order to meet the demands for partial cargo and to minimise the transport costs on behalf of our customers, we have established the “Project Department” and periodically started to provide open ship transport services from Marmara and Black Sea ports to Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco ports.

Time Chartering and Ship Management

Depending on our customer’s cargo type, loading/unloading ports and tonnage; we also offer Periodic Ship Chartering service. By taking the relevant vessel (Time Charter) into our structure with Time Charter, we ensure that it works only for the relevant cargo of our customer and thus the relevant transport cost remains constant for our customer for that period.