With our experienced, professional Port Captain (Supercargo) personnel that we will assign at the port from the beginning to the end of the Loading and Unloading Operations; Every incident is reported instantly with photographs 24/7 and precautions are taken against possible product losses/damages, the risks of possible extra costs are instantly notified to our customers, our customers are enabled to save time and unforeseen extra costs that may occur, correct stacking, load separation, correct tying of the load. We offer a Supercargo service where instant interventions are made on issues such as, in short, you can instantly learn what is happening during loading and intervene. At the end of the installation, we also provide the following information to our customers as a report:

– Final Cargo / Stowage plan

– Photographs of all cargo loaded into the holds

– Warehouse distribution of loads on lot basis

– If available; advice and important information to speed up the cargo operation at the port of discharge


Load fixing service for project loads and heavy tonnage loads
Load fixing service for all kinds of vehicles and construction equipment in ships and containers
Container and cargo fixing service on board.
Bulk cargo securing service
Fixing service of steel products (coil sheet, steel pipe, sheet metal and similar products)
Fixing service of ceramic and marble products


Dry cargo surveillance
Vehicle surveillance on Ro-Ro ships
Quantity and tonnage control
Container internal loading-unloading supervision service
Cargo damage surveillance
Bulk cargo surveillance
Ship charter entry-exit surveillance
Ship fuel surveillance
Container damage and condition detection
Ship hold water test
Draft surveillance